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  • Precise Strike - An attack that sacrifices raw power to strike a target where they are vulnerable.
  • Rapid Reload - Applies to Muskets and Pistols, but not Blunderbusses.
  • Improved Weapon Lock - Improves you ability to Weapon Lock a foe.


  • Weapon Lock - Getting up close and personal in armed combat, forcing the enemy to fight you. Prevents participants from attacking, threatening, or making Attacks of Opportunity.
  • Last Breath - When any character is killed by mundane physical damage, they have one round in which, no matter how low their current health is, they aren't quite dead yet. Thus if a single blow takes you to below -10, if you receive enough healing to get you back to the 0 to -9 range, you will live. Death Magics do not obey this rule.


  • Maul - A military grade sledgehammer, designed to cause maximum damage against hardened targets. (Note: This replaces the Maul in the Player's Guide, which is clearly not as good as the other two handed martial weapons)
    • Damage: 1d12
    • Crit: 19-20:x2
    • Type: Bludgeoning
  • Raze Bow - An exotic weapon designed for taking out Arbonal's at a distance. Mostly used by Arbonal's for dealing with internal conflicts. A Raze Bow is a modified Heavy Crossbow that fires two weighted balls connected with a strong strand of razor wire. The balls are fired at a slight angle away, setting them spinning rapidly around each other as they fly. The Raze Bow deals terrific damage at short range.
    • Damage: 1d12
    • Crit: x3
    • Type: Slashing
    • Range: 30' for full damage. Deals half damage out to 60'. Does not hit hard enough to hurt beyond that.
    • Treat as a heavy crossbow for purposes of reloading.

Prestige Classes


  • New Spells
  • Magic Systems
  • Saving Throws - For player characters, saving throws work the same as always. For enemies, Saving Throws work as an armor against magic. They take their Saving Throw bonus and add 10. Players trying to effect them with spells roll 1d20 + the saving throw bonus DC for that spell.
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