There is much debate as to the origin of the Arbonal race. Many claim that they are the creations of wizards, like many other creatures of the world. Other voices, older voices, claim that they are products of the natural world, a response by The Wild to the encroaching threats of civilization.

Arbonal look like Elves, tall, thin, graceful, complete with pointed ears. Unlike elves, they are made mostly of living plant matter. Like a creature that is becoming a tree, or a tree whose trunk is flesh a blood, an Arbonal is both animal and plant. They feed as other creatures due, and breed like mammals, but the require both soil and sun as well. Their toes split and split again, looking more like roots then toes. All about their heads and shoulders, small branches split off from their main body, growing a hair-like covering of thick leaves. Their skin is thick, and becomes like bark as they reach maturity, difficult to pierce.

Arbonals, strangely enough, mostly frequent large cities. They are said to be able to hear the voice of The Wild in the the untammed places, and thus they shun them. Their physical strength and resilience make them commonly seen body guards and warriors for hire.


  • ECL: +1
  • Physical Attributes: +2 Strength, -2 Intelligence. Despite their frail appearance, Arbonals have a strength born of wodden sinews, their blows raining down with the force of a battering ram. Unfortunately, their long lives and plant-ish minds act very slowly and simply, thinking things through as though they had decades to make a decision.
  • Wooden Skin: An Arbonal's thick, wooden hide makes them very difficult to damage with arrows or bullets. They are completely immune to Ranged Piercing Damage of any kind. They also recieve a +4 bonus to Hide in Natural Surroundings.
  • Plant Subtype. Aroboral's count as both Plant and Humanoid for determining the type of effects and spells that will work on them. The alien working of their minds give them a +2 Saving Throw on all Enchantments that don't work specifically on Plants. This bonus does not apply if the caster also has the Plant Subtype.
  • Rooted: An Arbonal can take a Full Round action to root himself to soil or loose rock. As long as there are gaps large enough for a pinky finger, they can find purchase. Once Rooted, an Aroboral gains a +4 bonus on all Stability checks. Furthermore, if they are on an incline, they get a +4 bonus on any check to resist being pulled off of the surface they are attached too. Many Arbonals will use this to cling to walls while using their hands for other purposes.
  • Regrowth: An Arbonal can enter a trance where they become very much like a tree. This trance takes 1d6 minutes to enter, and a minimum of 1 minute to leave. While in this trance, an Arbonal will recuperate their character level in health every 10 minutes. This time is cut in half if the Arobonal is rooted in rich earth, with a source of fresh water in direct sunlight. During this Trance, the Arobonal is considered helpless. He has allowed his plant nature to become dominant.
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