Chaos Mage


Since the Rift was torn through reality, magic has become fickle and strange. The sheer power spewing forth from the Rift makes magic unpredictable, unreliable, and above all dangerous. Much like those Magi who have learned to harness this new source of energy.

More loathed then the Necromancer, more feared then the Lich, Chaos Magi are a legendary threat. Mere rumor and conjecture in most of the world, tales abound of beings able to manipulate the energies of the rift directly, gaining massive power from it.

A Chaos Mage is a spell-caster who has learned to harness the Wild Magic that suffuses the world and make it their own. They pay a terrible price for this mastery, but the power is temptation itself. At the highest levels of power, a Chaos Mage may turn the Rift against his enemies, inflicting mutation and pain upon them.


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