Finding your way in this world is not an easy task. Since the Apocalypse, compasses have stopped working. At night the stars are generally drowned out in the sickly purple glow of the moon. Even the rising of the sun seems to shift unpredictably. The only stable landmark is, ironically enough, the Rift; the massive puncture in reality through which raw chaos pours. In all but the brightest sun, a faint glow can be seen on the horizon in the direction of the rift. Shifting through the spectrum, the great font of Eldritch Energy is the cardinal point by which all others are gauged.

If you are moving towards the glow, you are said to be heading Riftward. The opposite direction is Riftway, a bastardization of Rift Away.

If you are moving clockwise relative to the Rift, meaning it is to your right, you are moving Spinward. The opposite direction is technically Anti-Spinward, but most people just say Spinway. Spinway is not a shortening for anything, it just matches with Riftway.

Moving Riftward you will immediately notice a rapid increase in temperature. This is due to the great waves of energy that the Rift produces. Seasons have far less effect on climate then proximity to rift, so that lands near it are in perpetual summer, while lands far away are locked in permanent ice. As the Rift is in a temperate zone if looking at the planet as a whole, this represents a massive change in ecosystem for many parts of the world.

Money and Finance

Money comes mostly in the form of precious metals. Currently, the three denominations are Steel, Silver, and Gold. Platinum, Mithril, Adamant, and other rare materials are often used as a easy way to store vast amounts of wealth.

Most trade is done through bartering rather then the use of true currency. Carrying around large volumes of precious metals or gems is an excellent way to get killed by pirates and robbed blind.

Magic in Society

Magic informs everything in the world. With magical creatures of every variety lurking in the wild, every community needs some way to deal with threats beyond the normal. But that doesn't mean they have to like it.

Wizards and Clerics are a highly elite and secretive group, because they have to be. The common people have neither love nor trust for the Will Workers, especially in a world where all magic can go awry. It is very rare for humanoids to be gifted with magic, and many that are end up killing themselves or being killed by a Mob.

Those few that make it through the rough earlier days of a Magi will find their power highly sought after. They will quickly be able to gain power and wealth by offering their services to ruling powers. As the common man doesn't understand magic, and is jealous of anyone with wealth and power, this wins the Magi few supporters. Most Magi keep a very very low profile, looking and acting like talented Alchemists and Healers, keeping their overt magic to themselves.

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