Gol Men


Gol-Men are members of other races that have been punished in one of the Prison Factories of Gaol's Impernium. Arcane research has given a handful of mages the ability to graft Golem parts on to living flesh. They use this to both brand and enhance their prisoner-slaves.

In order to make a Gol-Man, you first pick a race as normal. You then choose which Golem enhancement was made to your character. These abilities are very experimental and very crude, and tend to be as detrimental as beneficial. Being a Gol-Man instantly marks you as an escaped convict. The Justicars in Gaol's Impernium will be looking to re-capture or kill you on sight. Others may just be looking to sell you to them, or to force you to buy their silence.


  • Wanted: As mentioned above, all Gol-Men are former wanted criminals. When dealing with normal, law abiding citizens, you get a -2 Penalty on any social roll that depends on trust or good will.
  • Construct: Any spell that specifically targets constructs can be used against you. Any spell that specifically destroys them will destroy your new parts. This is generally non-fatal, but will cause the immediate lost of any enhancements.
  • Rust and Lightning Vulnerability: All Gol-Men enhancements are created from various metals and gears. This makes any Gol-Man vulnerable to being harmed by Rust or electrocuted by lightning. Any Rust spell of effect that specifically lists damage deals half that damage to a Gol-Man, none on a successful save. Due to the large amounts of conductive metal, Gol-Men never receive Reflex Saves to reduce the damage of a lightning spell of effect.

Specific Enhancements

Aquatic Chassis - You are fitted out to work on Ships for the Impernium. You have a turbine hooked to your abdominal muscles, gas tanks for extra air, and a mask to let you breath.

  • You gain a swim speed of 20' and the ability to hold your breath for 30minutes
  • You can see and hear underwater as normal.
  • You are always considered to be wearing Medium Armor for purposes of movement speed on land. The kit weighs in around 30lbs, which is added to your current load.

Weapon Arm - One of your limbs has been replaced by an industrial tool, such as a Buzz Saw, Jack Hammer, Drill, or Claw. You may use this arm as a weapon.

  • Your new arm is a weapon that deals 1d10 + Str damage. You choose Piercing, Slashing, or Bludeoning based on the type of weapon. The weapon has a x20 Crit Range.
  • You may not use this arm for any other purpose. You get a -4 penalty on Climb, Disable Device, Pick Lock, and any other skill the DM deems appropriate. You cannot wield any other weapon in this hand, nor use a shield. You are essentially without your primary arm.

Treaded Base - Your legs have been replaced with a large tread or set of massive iron wheels. You were rebuilt to help with heavy lifting, hauling, dragging, and the like.

  • You have 4 times the normal Carrying Capacity, Lift Amount, Drag Amount, etc. Small creatures can treat you as a mount by standing on the back of your base. You can easily navigate up to 30 degree inclines.
  • If you make a Charge Attack, you can deal double damage with a Lance just as if you were riding a horse.
  • You don't have legs. You have to make Climb checks to pull yourself up stairs, you have to be hoisted up ladders, you can't jump unless there is a ramp handy, and you are basically just a pain to try to crawl through a dungeon with.

Legged Base - You have been refitted to help the Impernium locate rich veins in hard to navigate mines or treacherous mountain sides. Your normal legs have been replaced by four hideous, metallic insectoid legs.

  • You have a Climb Speed of 20' on rock or other pitted surfaces. You can cling to any acceptable surface that is less then 45 degrees past vertical. If you want to climb on surfaces that are essential upsidedown, you can do so with a Climb Check DC 20.
  • Your new legs are awkward and prone to getting in their own way. Humanoids were not meant to be quadrupeds. You get a -8 on all Balance Checks, and automatically fail any Reflex Save due to slipperiness. Opponents get a +6 bonus to trip you. Which, after the -4 modifier for your extra limbs, adds up to a total of +2 to Trip. The fastest these legs can go is 20' per round. If you are wearing heavy armor or have some other penalty that lowers your speed, it goes to 15'.

Extended Limbs - Remade to work as a harvester on the plantations of them Impernium, your forearms can be extended to great lengths.

  • As a move-equivalent action, you can extend one or both of your arms out by 5'. This gives you 10' reach, as though you were using a Reach Weapon. Alternatively, you can retract one or both of your arms, also as a move-equivalent action.
  • While your arms are extended, any Critical Failure on your part can cause them to get stuck out until someone with an appropriate Craft skill can repair them (DC 15)
  • You are unwieldy with your extended arms, as the humanoid frame was never meant to be so extended. All attacks, no matter the weapon, have a 20 x2 critical multiplier, as you can get neither the precision nor the force for a real critical blow.

Reinforcement - You were deemed only usable for the most base of manual labor. Your body has been fitted with techno-magical servos that enhance your natural strength. Unfortunately, the enhancements were not designed with comfort in mind.

  • Your Strength is enhanced beyond your natural limit. You get an inherent +2 bonus to Strength.
  • Your enhancements inhibit the normal range and speed of motion, giving you a permanent -2 penalty to Dexterity.
  • The massive metal on your frame weighs you down. You get a permanent -1 on all melee attacks form the awkwardness of your swing.
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