Inquisitor of Gaol


Few mortals are more feared then the chosen Inquisitors of Gaol. Serving as a strange cross between religious fanatics, Imperial Guards, and secret police, the Inquisitors are utterly devoted to both the Goddess Gaol and her living agent, the Emperor of the Impernium.

Inquisitors of Gaol give their entire being over to The Judgment, learning to see with her sight and think with her thoughts. They must go through a secret ritual in which they bind their will to that of the Goddess. At the climax of the ritual, every Inquisitor gouges out his own eyes so that he man never see a falsehood again. The Goddess then fills her new vessel, giving him a new second sight that will allow him to seek out Chaos wherever it may be found.

Inquisitors often work alone or in pairs, generally with support from other soldiers of the Impernium. They seek out those who would spread the taint of chaos in the lands of the Emperor and they destroy them. An Inquisitor knows not of mercy or compassion. They serve law and order alone.

Most Inquisitors are former soldiers, coming from the ranks of Ranger, Fighter, and Paladin. There are special rules to allow a LN Justicar type Paladin to take levels of Inquisitor without losing his Paladin abilities.


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