Iron Lords

The Iron Lords are a group of 12 loosely affiliated tribal leaders, generals, Lords, and crime bosses.

Lady Stilletia - Eladrin Female Pirate Admiral

General Terris Higgins - Human Male Warlord

Madame Sophia Higgins - Merman Female Warlord - above's wife

Commander Skaresh - Hobgoblin Male Mercenary Lord and High Priest of Khral

Antoine Talcellen - Elf Male High Priest of Lady Vashti

Pesha Ciganos - Halfling Male Tribal Leader and Seer

Mistress Straka - Drow Female Sorceress

Brother Dwight Delmonte - Arbonal Shipwrights Guild Master and Priest of Stannis

Alana Mathilda - Human Female Tribal Leader

Admiral Kulka Salasi - Lizardman Pirate Admiral

Mother Palla Bathari - Lizardman Female Shaman / Priestess of The Wild

Seer Rathian - Mutated Orc Male Warlord

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