Iron Blood Dwarves were created in the past few centuries by Mage's looking to manufacture more resilient workers and soldiers. They have been merged with Elemental Creatures of both Fire and Earth to create a race of Dwarves that are more resilient than their purely mortal counterparts.

As a created race, they are very touchy and insular. They tend to live in isolated racial Ghettos in otherwise cosmopolitan cities. While they resent the stereotype, they gravitate towards careers as blacksmiths and mercenaries, as they were created to excel in those areas.

Despite being based off of Dwarven stock, they do not get along well with them. Dwarves see them as both a professional rival and an insult to their long and glorious history. Unfortunately for the Malleus, the Orcs, Giants, and Goblinoids are generally too ignorant to recognize the subtle differences and tend to transfer all of their racial hatred. Malleus tend to get along best with other created or fringe races, giving everyone else a cold, metallic shoulder.


  • Attributes: +2 Con, +2 Int Built as a race of warriors and craftsmen, Iron Blood Dwarves are extraordinarily clever and impossibly tough.
  • Skill Bonus: +2 Thievery, +2 Endurance
  • Speed 5: Like their Dwarven Cousins, Malleus do not lose speed from being encumbered.
  • Fast Clotting: Upon exposure to air Iron Blood Dwarf's blood becomes as hard as steel. Upon becoming bloodied, as an Instant Reaction, they can form a coating of armor from their own wounds. They gain 1d6+Con Modifier Temporary Hit Points. This ability can only be used once per encounter. This bonus increases to 2d6 at Paragon Tier and 3d6 at Epic Tier.
  • Malleable Blood: An Iron Blood Dwarf can fashion their blood into weapons and armor. Unlike when crafting normal steel, working with Iron Blood only takes one full round to shape into a desired shape. As such, an Iron Blood Dwarf can take a full round to equip themselves with any mundane piece of metal equipment that they need.
  • Darkvision
  • Carrying Capacity: Due to their extreme natural density, Iron Blood Dwarves are used to dealing with heavy loads. They have twice the normal carrying capacity for a creature of their size and strength. Armor never effects the speed of an Iron Blood Dwarf.
  • Forge Bodies: Breed to work in the harshest conditions of both battle and craft, Iron Blood Dwarves are notoriously difficult to set on fire. They have Fire Resistance 5. This is enough to make them all but immune to mundane fires.
  • Unnatural Consititution: Due to their unique physiology, Malleus receive a +5 bonus on all saving throws vs Poison
  • Note, the additions are complete. While Malleus come from Dwarven stock originally, they are not Dwarves and do not get the normal Dwarven racial traits.


Liquid Armor
You have mastered the creation of the Malleus' unique blood armor. Every time you spend a Healing Surge to repair wounds, your wounds harden into strips of steel. You gain +1 Armor until the end of your next turn. This bonus increases to +2 at Paragon Tier and +3 at Epic Tier.

Magic Blood
Pre-requisite - Training in the Arcane Skill
Born to slave in the forges of the Archmages of old, magic is literally in your veins. You have mastered the creation of temporary magic items from you blood. Once per encounter, when you use your Malleable Blood ability to craft a weapon or a shield, you can choose to make a magic item. This item may be any valid item with a level no greater then your own. It lasts until the end of the encounter.

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