Chapter One

The team meet up at the castle and gets the assignment from Sir. Ham asks them what their favorite chick name is…

Apparently a bit to the north there's a small village called Barrow that makes barrels and several people have turned up missing over the last week. The village lies in the heart of (creepy music) "SpiderWood".

The team heads out and finds Barrow in a state of normalcy/disarray depending on who they talk to. The Mayor (Markoff) blames the ogre (Homer) and uses every chance to assign more blame. The ogre has no clue and everyone else is clamming up or missing. Yeah - it's a small village all right.

As the team enters town, Mayor Markoff runs out to greet them and shows them to Ginny & Bart's house. The house has a big hole (ogre-sized as the Mayor points out) punched though the back wall from the outside. The team notices that the bed looks rustled up though not from sleeping. They also find a piece of large chiton jammed in the exterior wall, (presumably from a giant spider?) and a pair of tracks moving away from the house, but only shortly into the forest where they then disappear… odd.

The team then moves next door to inspect Old Man Murphy's house and find it in impeccable order - it's almost as if no one has ever lived here… or at least not for a very long time. The fireplace hasn't ever been used… the food on the table is rotten… and the bed again is unnaturally rustled. Curious…

The team decides to go talk to the ogre. He's a big brute - but none too smart. Valdir easily convinces him to reveal just a little more information than he had originally planned on. It seems the ogre, mayor and Barstows are the only ones to have survived the kidnappings - since no bodies have been found no one has assumed any deaths. The ogre is close friends with Leek Shay - who is also missing and has been missing for much longer than one week. As have the others! It turns out that the village doesn't really make barrels or barrows… just bows. And the ogre is the only one making them. Why the big front? Why lie about how long people have been missing? Why blame the ogre? What's really going on here? Mysterious…

Leek Shay
Ginny and Bart
Old Man Murphy

Still around:
Homer (the ogre)

The team decides to search Leek Shay's house since a lot of things point to her. The house is empty and undisturbed. There seems to be some rustling from the attic - wait, thatch roofed houses don't have attics! Then a pounding sounds and the ceiling sags a bit - something is about to "drop" in on the party. Tekat rushes to the middle of the room, hoists the table over his head and uses it to support the ceiling. The things in the attic pound on the ceiling a few more times to try and break through, but Tekat holds them off while the party runs outside. The pounding stops and as Tekat leaves the house, Blackbeard and Rend find themselves near an opening in the roofing where two giant spiders jump out. One spider screams, "Get out of my house!" and their attack begins. After a couple rounds the team defeats the spiders, but confusion arises over their implied "evil" nature or whether they are just being used to some evil plot. Torm revives the spiders to the great disdain of the rest of the party.

Frustrated, the party heads over to the Barstows house to interrogate them. Valdir talks his way inside where the team learns that there is more weirdness afoot. Apparently there is an ancient spider goddess in these here parts and some members of the town may be in league with her. The Mayor is totally lying about the ogre being guilty and the Barstows themselves are hiding something. Unable to press them more, the party leaves the house and heads for the hills where the Barstows indicated spidery things tend to hang out.

Rend is able to track some spider tracks back to a cave in the dense "SpiderWood" where the team debates what to do with the captive spiders. While debating, Yuhd and Lucan show up, obviously having been tipped off to the team's whereabouts by Sir and Ham. (How do they know exactly where in a dense wood the team is?) Blackbeard disables a trap at the mouth of the cave and the team enters. The team is immediately assaulted by a large number of spiders. They are quickly disposed of though fully covering Oscar in icor. BLEH! The team heads into the next room where they find a gigantic spider with two smaller spiders perched atop two piles of eggs. Undaunted, the team attacks the giant spider. Rend takes out one side spider and then the other with outstanding marks-elf-ship freeing up the rest of the team to decimate the giant spider in only a few rounds. The giant spider was able to goo-up Oscar completely.

After setting the egg piles on fire, the team crosses through the illusionary back wall of the room into another room with a couple pools of glowing liquid, (green & orange) several recesses carved out of the walls with bodies lying inside them and 3 angry ettercaps! After a faily engaging battle, the ettercaps are dead and the team only poisoned a little while Oscar becomes more gooey.

Proceeding to the next room with a bit of caution since things seem to be getting tougher room by room, the team encounters the queen spider; Leek Shay.

Important Info

Favorite Chick Names

Tekat: huh?
Gabe: Gabe
Torm: <doesn't like chicks>
Blackbeard: Come back!
Oscar: Pam
Valdir: Tekate
Rend: Hey, you!

Favorite Reodorant

Oscar: dead spider goo.
Gabe: fresh dead spider goo.

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