Khan's Game, named after the King of Om in the campaign, is a tongue in cheek adventure centering around a party of mystical investigators hired by Sir, the king's chief spy. The world is a cartoonishly brutal place, with literally hundreds of once-mortal minor deities locked in endless combat, carelessly destroying the mortal plane in the process. Conspiracy theorists believe that the entire universe has been created merely for some wicked god's entertainment, and part of that bleak, capricious humor takes over the mortals that ascend into immortality. In the face of this sort of environment, the populace generally responds with cynical irony, and a deep, justified distrust of adventurers.

The party has come to Gaze, the capital city of Om, to take a job as a team in Sir's Eyes Of Justice. Sir has about a dozen of these teams at various levels that he sends throughout the kingdom and into neighboring nations to investigate supernatural murders, disappearances, and inexplicable oddities as they come up. Social skills and exploration will play a big part in this campaign, with lots of character interaction and forensic analysis carried out using the D&D rule set - followed by a climactic battle for justice, of course. The land has a rich history and subtle politics that the party will discover over time, where the investigations from previous cases will become important and reveal a larger plot at hand.

Things in the world of Pytri are named in simple ways that are either charming or lazy, depending on your point of view. Specifically, though, see the notes in The Land about the culture of names in the Kingdom of Om and the naming of deities.

Khan's Game

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