The Characters

Major players in the castle and more as they develop.

  • Khan: The King of Om is an old, tired man who would be almost seven feet tall if he ever sat up straight on his throne. The Omish Crown rests permanently askew on his mane of long and starkly white hair. Perpetually gloomy and cynical since Queen Enna died five years ago, Khan is rarely seen smiling or ever acting positive about much of anything. Once, Khan was personally involved in most activities in the castle in some way or another, but now he's happy to let his nobles and the staff take care of everything. The Omish Crown is a powerful magic artifact that can only be passed to a male heir, leading to a great deal of speculation about what will happen to the kingdom when Khan dies. If he cares, though, there's no sign of it.
  • Enna: The Queen of Om was a strong, charismatic leader whose ability to subtly manipulate a situation was legendary. When she was alive, her ability to explain something to people and make the concept seem like their own idea was rumored to be magical in nature. Castle guests meeting her for the first time were often surprised that she wasn't as tall as her husband, as her stately grace, gem-braided hair, and cool, knowing smile always made her seem larger than life. However, Enna died under mysterious circumstances five years ago; the official story was that she took ill with a sudden debilitating plague, but no evidence of this plague or suggestions regarding its origin have ever been provided. Given this and the closed-casket services performed after her death, rumors abound in the kingdom that she never died, that she committed suicide, or that she crossed one of the gods and paid the ultimate price. Regardless, she was a respected leader, and castle denizens frequently reminisce about their favorite Enna stories.
  • Kath: Enna's death affected young Princess Kath as well, right at the start of her difficult teenage years. The fiery redhead had always been a handful, most charitably described as rebellious, but the death of her mother twisted her sassy nature into something closer to demanding petulance. Now nineteen, Kath recognizes that despite the difficult childhood of a royal daughter, her only path to leadership is by marrying early and having a son, and she does not take well to the idea that she is only useful in producing a brood. Her public anger at her mother when she died is the source of most of the Queen Enna Suicide Rumors, despite the fact that suicide would have been completely out of character for the matriarch. Kath is also violently unreligious, spitting that she hates the gods whenever the subject comes up, an opinion that seems to have appeared during her adolescence and generally boosts her otherwise unpopular ratings.
  • Gard: The ancient human bard has been the chief of staff at the castle for nearly twenty years; his dry, heavily accented remarks seem to echo through the crystal hallways like they come from the walls themselves. People make a habit of not mentioning his name, as he feels that he should be addressed by his full name, Beauregard, and not by some childish four-letter abbreviation that does not befit his stature. Gard knows something about everything, although he insists that if he simply told you what he knew, you would use the information and forget about it. Instead, he expects you to figure it out, from teasing hints he drops with a wry smile and needless adjustments to his monocle.


  • Cog: Possibly the only dwarven wizard in the kingdom, Cog is a stubborn, gruff, and remarkably tough weaponsmith. Preferring the solitude of his forge to interaction with actual people, Cog has a way with metal and armor that few in the kingdom can match. Despite his years of experience and ability, though, in the course of making these items, Cog shows incredibly poor judgment about risks to his personal health and safety, and the castle is often rocked with the explosive forces of accidents in his furnace. Adding to his alienation from his own kind, Cog's beard was burned off in a massive accident many years ago, and he doesn't care for alcohol, as he gruntingly jokes that he isn't sure he'd live through the experience of being drunk near a forge. Cog's familiar is a tiny metal homunculus named Gear, who is often seen hiding in the rafters of the forge and covering his head.
  • Gor: A bitter, touchy, bald hulk of a man, Gor is not who you would imagine as the chief lawful good cleric in the kingdom. But he is essentially the chief cleric of Pop, a mantel he doesn't particularly like but tolerates professionally. When pressed, Gor will launch into a seething diatribe about how he was a powerful warrior, someone with a huge destiny, one who could use magic and weaponry with devastating skill, a cunning leader with no equal among men - who ended up spending most of his time healing idiots who weren't smart enough to get out of the way of sharp, pointed objects. People going to his church to ask for help or guidance usually scuttle in with nervous expressions, talk to him for the briefest time they can, and flee in such a hurry that they trip on themselves.
  • Ham: A cigar-chomping, toothy, weathered old raisin, Ham is the very definition of a dirty old man, looking something like an unholy mix of Gandalf and George Peppard. The perpetually amused illusionist is almost always seen toying with some kind of magic effect in his hands, and his ability to mix magic with alchemy has been the source of any number of elaborate hoaxes perpetuated in and out of battle through the years. Ham is obsessed with elven women, who generally want nothing to do with him, though that doesn't stop him from pursuing them relentlessly with a certain sort of charming self-awareness of his own ridiculousness. Ham's familiar is a mischievous air elemental named Vish, whose habit of accidentally blowing up women's skirts is transparently intentional. Vish is often seen luxuriating in the smoke from Ham's cigars, which he imports from distant kingdoms. Ham helps run Sir's Eyes of Justice, and spends a lot of time in Sir's company.
  • Jen: A beautiful paladin with a thousand-watt smile, Jen is one of those relentlessly perky and intensely warm people who gets up at the crack of dawn every morning and doesn't stop laughing the entire day. Pure as the driven snow, Jen has never been witnessed even seeming to have sexual urges of any sort, instead gushing endlessly about how finding her god, Sol, changed her life, and about the various habits of her pegasus, Blaze. Jen is the head of the Order of the Cleansing Fire, and wields the Order's ancient lance, an intricately carved ivory weapon nearly seven feet long that is capable of summoning a beam of pure, searing white-hot fire that burns straight through its targets and out the other side in a retina-blinding flare of power.
  • Sir: The hooded, one-eyed, bald black man that runs the Eyes of Justice is a hardened cynical that seems to have seen it all. Sir is a man of surgically precise sentences, a careful listener who is able to distill complex situations down to simple, concise (though often pithy) metaphors. Despite clearly knowing everyone's name, Sir gives people descriptive and devastatingly accurate nicknames after he knows enough about them to really drop a zinger. Sir is a rare combination of roguish talents and a deep, inherent desire for fairness, justice, and the rule of law - even if he sometimes is required to skirt the law a little to get his work done. No one knows how he lost his eye, and he gives people a different story every time they ask about it. Castle rumor is that he has some kind of magic orb in his eye socket under the patch he wears, although only the other nobles know for sure. Sir wields an intelligent weapon named Gus, who frequently interrupts his thoughts with a high-pitched buzzing whine that only Sir understands. People can sometimes be put off by the way he turns to his weapon and tells it to shut up right in the middle of conversations.
  • Ton: Some theorize that Khan's resigned slump and general apathy can be traced directly to the head of his personal guard, Ton. Ton is an ebullient, handsome, muscular slab of a man with no hair whatsoever except for a handlebar mustache. People know he is completely hairless because the boisterous monk takes any opportunity he can to rip his shirt open, and indeed his cadre of elite guards prefer to fight completely in the nude. This fighting methodology seems to give a distraction bonus to their armor class, but the wounds that can result are enough to make Gor blanch. Ton seems blithely unaware of people's opinions of him, and he is fiercely loyal to the royal family, doing everything in his power to protect them even when they may not necessarily want the interference. He seems to have a particular fondness for Princess Kath, who claims she can't stand him.
  • Vyr: An exotic, purple-haired beauty of unknown origin, Vyr is an odd creature, a druid that prefers to live in a castle. Frequently seen meandering the castle in her iridescent dragon-scale armor, Vyr runs her hands along the castle walls and mumbles to herself, as if she is speaking directly to the crystal. She speaks in broken Common, although wizards have noted that she is able to speak flawless Draconic - and her command of curses in that language is extraordinary. Vyr's animal companion is an enormous dark purple panther with eyes of flame that moves with the silky, deliberately relaxed gait of a confident predator. No one is quite sure what Vyr does with her time but she is fascinated with rocks - and gems in particular.
  • Yrz: Yrz made the mistake of refusing to take on a three-letter name despite her nobility, saying that her elven name, Yybarra, was an ancient honor she would not dare to forsake. Unfortunately for her, Sir and Ham started calling her "Ears!", and the name stuck. The head ranger moves with surprising quiet, flowing from one place to another like a cat and generally startling the people she approaches when they don't hear her coming. She is a woman of few words, though when the wood elf speaks, it has the ring of a wind of truth rustling through the forest. Yrz is originally from the Green Kingdom and serves as an unofficial diplomat to her home country. She has a network of rangers known as The Leafy Breeze that carries information and gossip across the kingdom with speed rivaling Sir's own magical network.

Khan's Game

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