The Deities

There are six major gods in the world, known as the Elder Gods. Three are aligned with good, and three are aligned with evil.

  • Mom is the goddess of Earth. Her alignment is Neutral Good. She is considered the bringer of all life, a creator who both cares about the world and all of its creatures but who does not enjoy interfering with their conflicts. She prefers that her children work out their own differences - or defers to Pop. Her domains are Air, Earth, and Water. Her favored weapon is the short sword.
  • Pop is the god of Justice. His alignment is Lawful Good. Unlike Mom, Pop would see the world in order, with justice and fairness for all, even if it means punishing some of his children. Pop radiates a stern, unyielding belief in doing what is right, and expects no less from his followers. His domains are Good, Law, and Protection. His favored weapon is the greatsword.
  • Sis is the goddess of Change. Her alignment is Chaotic Good. In rebellion to Pop, Sis believes that freedom and choice are the only true means to growth, and that laws are an unnecessary hindrance to doing what is right. She believes that left to their own devices, society and order would emerge even in anarchy - the goddess of Libertarians, if you will. Her domains are Luck, Travel, and Trickery. Her favored weapon is the rapier.
  • Yog is the god of Obedience. His alignment is Lawful Evil. Yog is an ancient, unfathomable creature who wants the universe to be dark, quiet, and cold, so that nothing will disturb his slumber. His sense of order is like a crystal; predictable, linear, beautiful, and utterly lifeless. His domains are Law, Knowledge, and Death. His favored weapon is the mace.
  • Thu is the god of the Sea. His alignment is Chaotic Evil. Thu is an ancient, squidlike horror from far beneath the ocean, more tentacles than body, who wants to flood the earth and bring all life back to its origins. He is a manipulator, and an instigator of chaos and war to bring about the cataclysmic destruction of the land dwellers as quickly as possible. His domains are Chaos, War, and Water. His favored weapon is the heavy flail.
  • Gur is the goddess of Consumption. Her alignment is Neutral Evil. Gur cares about nothing more than herself; eating everything she can find, reproducing, and destroying everything in her path without concern for consequence. She is often called the beast of a thousand young, and is believed to be an enormous, mountainous white grub. Her domains are Evil, Animal, and Destruction. Her favored weapon is the heavy pick.

There are hundreds of lesser gods that will be discovered through adventures. There are some who are fairly commonly worshiped, though, and would be familiar to the party.

  • Sol is the requisite Sun god. His alignment is Lawful Neutral. Every culture needs one, every culture has one, and this one is no exception. He is a creator and a destroyer; the giver of all life and the merciless taker of it as well. If he is appeased, the crops will grow and the weather will be temperate; if he is displeased, there will be famine, drought, and death. His domains are Sun, Fire, and Plant. His favored weapon is the warhammer.
  • Lun is the god of the Moon. His alignment is Neutral. Depicted as a man with a spherical, mirrored gold face, Lun is considered the source of magic and mystery, the god of the night, who can illuminate things just enough to see but not enough to be clear. His domains are Magic, Luck, and Water. His favored weapon is the quarterstaff.
  • Hah is the god of Humor. His alignment is Chaotic Neutral. Hah is considered an insane, capricious god who will do anything he finds funny at any given moment. The world is there for his entertainment, and anything else is secondary, even if it means death, widescale destruction, unholy disaster, or marketing. His domains are Chaos, Trickery, and Travel. His favored weapon is the sap.
  • Heh is the god of Misdirection. His alignment is Chaotic Good. Heh is generally believed to be Hah's brother from the mortal plane, although if any evidence exists to prove this assertion, it's kept far from public knowledge. Followers of Heh strongly believe in the force of a precisely timed blow to deflect superior power - and if that power is deflected into a waiting delicious cream pie, so much the better. People who worship Heh are always required to use their skills in the pursuit of good causes, and particularly towards rehabilitating the insane. His domains are Magic, Trickery, and Protection. His favored weapon is the Guisarme.
  • Hmm is the god of Knowledge. His alignment is Neutral Good. Depicted as an enormous, shiny black sphere, Hmm's head priests are called Yes, No, Maybe, and Ask Later. They seem to have some level of clairvoyance into the future, although Hah has been known to try to fool the followers of Hmm is devious and clever ways. His domains are Knowledge, Magic, and Protection. His favored weapon is the longbow.
  • Bye is the goddess of Speed. Her alignment is Chaotic Good. She is all about the thrill of the ride, being as fast as she can possibly be to get the biggest rush she can get. Her domains are Travel, Air, and Fire. Her favored weapon is the dire flail.
  • Zap is the god of Power. His alignment is Chaotic Evil. The original pyromaniac, Zap delights in anything involving lightning, explosions, and chaos. Zap believes destructive power is its own goal in itself, and that one can never have too much. His domains are Air, Destruction, and War. His favored weapon is the crossbow.
  • Byr is the god of Merriment. His alignment is Chaotic Good. The god of the party, Byr believes in having fun above all else. Eternal happiness is a combination of celebration, enjoyment, and dancing all day every day. His domains are Water, Magic, and Animal. His favored weapon is the kukri.
  • Gun is the god of War. His alignment is Lawful Evil. Gun believes that from war, strength and evolution follow, making the world a better place through organized conflict and competition. The weak are separated and die, and the strong make themselves stronger in the process. His domains are War, Destruction, and Strength. His favored weapon is the scythe.
  • Grr is the god of Strength. His alignment is Neutral. Grr is all about strength, being the top of the animal and human kingdom. With strength and power come intimidation and consent, and from there, peace. His domains are Strength, Animal, and Sun. His favored weapon is the falchion.
  • Eye is the goddess of Spies. Her alignment is Neutral Evil. Eye is the keeper of valuable secrets; the knowledge of things others do not want her to know. And she is interested in using the revelation of these secrets to further her own agenda and profit whenever she sees fit. Her domains are Trickery, Travel, and Luck. Her favored weapon is the dagger.
  • Oww is the goddess of Healing. Her alignment is Lawful Good. Oww is a nurturing, regenerating presence, who believes that injury is the surest form of education, so making people survive their wounds and learn from their mistakes is the clearest path to global enlightenment. Her domains are Healing, Knowledge, and Sun. Her favored weapon is the morningstar.
  • Pie is the god of Food. His alignment is Chaotic Good. Like a gourmet chef, Pie feels that the enjoyment of food and its significance throughout people's lives are the key to peace in the world. His followers can do some particularly amazing things in the kitchen, things that bring about diplomacy, good will, and gas. His domains are Animal, Plant, and Water. His favored weapon is the greatclub.
  • Nnh is the goddess of Sex. Her alignment is Neutral Good. Nnh is the goddess of sensuality and desire, of attraction and love. Some thought that Nnh didn't really exist, that her "followers" were looking for an excuse to have a good time. However, she does indeed exist, and it's not clear what she spends her time doing in the celestial playpen. Her domains are Healing, Magic, and Water. Her favored weapon is the ranseur.
  • Myt is the goddess of Retribution. Her alignment is Lawful Neutral. Sometimes called Myt the Merciless, the goddess of retribution believes that everyone has the right to live their lives lawfully, and peacefully, until they break the law, follow repeated criminal acts, and are found guilty of these crimes - at which point they are to be executed without further consideration. Followers of Myt do not believe in rehabilitation that does not come before a criminal is to be punished for their crimes, nor do they believe that such punishment is sufficient to cause people to mend their ways. The only true change comes before a criminal is caught, when they realize what they are doing is wrong, and convert to be a follower of Myt. Anyone else is simply believing whatever will help them survive, and they deserve a clean, painless death. Her domains are Law, Strength, and Destruction. Her favored weapon is the great axe.

Discovered Deities

Through the course of adventuring, some new gods have been discovered.

  • Ick is the Spider Queen. Her alignment is Neutral Evil. As might be expected, she's not terribly popular. Followers of Ick tend to be creepy weirdos with lots of issues who identify with the creatures for their sheer awfulness and cunning. Her domains are Earth, Trickery, and Death. Her favored weapon is the punching dagger.
  • Tor is the Storm King. His alignment is Lawful Neutral. A local god of Mount Ominous and its largely dwarven mining community, he is seen as a grudgingly protective god who needs a great deal of appeasement to keep the mines safe. However, he still causes fiercely violent storms on the mountain from time to time to get it out of his system, with unbelievable quantities of lightning, thunder, and hail. His domains are Air, Strength, and Earth. His favored weapon is the warhammer.
  • Ore is the god of Mining. His alignment is Neutral. Worshiped in pockets of the kingdom where mining is the main occupation, it is said that sending praise to him will literally cause you to find richer metal veins, or more metal in the veins you're mining. However, the general feeling is that he does nothing for the safety of the miners, and perhaps even a superstitious belief that those in the group who don't worship him are more likely to meet their maker in a horrible accident. His domains are Earth, Luck, and Strength. His favored weapon is the heavy pick.
  • Ice is the goddess of Cold. Her alignment is lawful neutral. People who worship Ice are like fanatic members of the Polar Bear club, believing in cold, peace, and silence. They believe that cold leads to order, and from there to harmony. Widely regarded as people driven insane by the climate. Her domains are Water, Earth, and Law. Her favored weapon is the rapier.
  • Fyr is the god of Heat. His alignment is chaotic neutral. Competes with Sol for fire worshipers and hates Ice. Worshipers of Fyr believe change is the only important thing to being alive, and need constant extreme behavior to be happy. His domains are Fire, Sun, and Chaos. His favored weapon is the spiked chain.
  • Alp is the god of Mountains. His alignment is lawful neutral. Usually worshiped by giants, Alp is at once both serene and severe. Powerful and emotionless, many giants credit worshiping Alp for the reason there isn't total chaos amongst their people. His domains are Earth, Knowledge, and Law. His favored weapon is the great club.
  • Rip is the god of Shredding. His alignment is chaotic evil. Mostly worshiped by trolls who live for nothing more than tearing apart meat and eating it. Creates the rare and weird sight of trolls praying over shredded meat before eating it. His domains are Animal, Evil, and Healing. His favored weapon is the scythe.
  • Jet is the god of Travel. His alignment is chaotic good. A young god who believes in trade, commerce, and travel, Jet is worshiped by those who hunger for products from far-away lands at affordable prices. Peace is paramount for commerce, making worshipers of Jet particularly interested in the use of force only to protect goods. His domains are Travel, Protection, and Magic. His favored weapon is the heavy crossbow.

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