The Players

When you create your character, you can add a quick note of what kind of character, what level, and a quick paragraph of backstory.

  • MLM: Teh DM - inhumane, Level Awesome
  • Chris: Gabrius Danrak - Human, Level 6 Paladin

A paladin of the Sun.

  • Dustin: Blackbeard - Human, Level 6 Rogue

It is rumored in these parts that the man known as Blackbeard is the exiled heir to a large manor in a distant land that was seized by the King. He now wanders lands foreign to him looking for fame, fortune, and any opportunity to stick it to the authorities. Why he has chosen this time and place to work for the crown remains a mystery…

Now the varmint who goes by Blackblade on the other hand…

  • Jason: Takat - Half-Orc, Level 2 Fighter / Level 4 Cleric

Takat isn't all that bright. He fought in the war for a while and he was good at smashing things. He's big and strong and people liked to have him on their side. Then Takat found god and now no one is safe. If there are rules (laws) to be followed, Takat wants to know them and you'd better abide them or you'll be smashed. Just don't talk gray to him - everything is black or white. You're a law-abiding citizen or you're dead and he'll be glad to do the killing. Sure he can heal ya if you need a little help and you're following the rules, but Takat would rather drop a holy smite or a simple club on a "sinner". Takat aims to be the right hand man of one of the gods eventually through his pure heart and sheer number of "cured" sinners. If only he could keep the laws straight in his head…

  • John: Rend - Half-Drow, lvl 6 Ranger

The rape spawn of a human female slave, Rend was cast out of the drow underworld at a young age. Surviving a trip through the horrors of the underworld and the wet chilling cavern system above, he ascended to the world above of open skies. Ostracized because of his heritage, and abandoned even by his cousins in the upper world, he found himself wondering through the wilderness, starving and weak. Found by an old hermit ranger-druid, he grew and learned of the world and nature above. Years later a roving band of trolls attacked, their cave/home, during a raid into the human realms, driving Rend from the only home he had really known and killing his mentor. Now, he wonders the wilds hunting and trapping to live, seeking vengance on trolls and, making only occasional forays into the haunts of man for trading or supplies.

  • Raf: Yuhd - Human, Level 6 Wizard

Lost in the denizens of forgotten mystery, longing for magic rekindling.

  • Robin: Torm - Human, Level 6 Cleric

As the second son of Baron Drom, Torm was duty bound to join the clergy. After his mother died, Torm's relationship with his father became strained. When the time came for him to join a church, rather than joining the Church of Pop as his father wished, Torm joined the church of the mischievous god Heh.

Torm soon became a devout follower, finding a place where he could protect the people, and still pursue his interest in magic. The military training he received in the monastery has also come in handy many times, when dealing with incursions of goblins, orcs, and bandits in his father's lands.

  • Steve: Oscar - Human, Level 6 Fighter

Ex-military intelligence, so smarter than you gave him credit for, naturally.

  • Tom: Valdir - Human, Level 6 Bard

Valdir was raised in a theater by his mother, an actress, until the age of six. When his mother married a minor royal official, he moved up in the world. But when his new father and his mother were both killed mysteriously, his step-brother threw him out at the age of fourteen. Inspired by his step-fathers tales of adventure, he decided to become an adventurer and took an apprenticeship with a bard.

In his travels, Valdir seeks adventure to gain fame and fortune. Someday he hopes to discover the mystery of his parents' death and exact justice. Taking his step-brother down a peg wouldn't hurt, either. Valdir has learned that his good looks and glib tongue could get him out of trouble almost as easily as it gets him into it and he relies on them perhaps more than he should.

Occasional player:

  • Corey: Lucan - Human, Level 6 Barbarian
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