Note: Mermen are slightly re-imagined water gensai, and are a replacement for them.

The merpeople are an amphibious race that look like blue skinned half-elves. They mostly keep to themselves, living in large cities built from the drowned ruins of cities past. They are only comfortable in shallow seas, and tend to keep near the coast.

They trade frequently with any surface dwellers, and are generally very easy to get along with. However, they can be very clannish, and any threat to any of their race is taken poorly by all of them.


  • +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma. Being born in crushing pressure and pounding surf has toughened most Mermen to be able to withstand inhuman amounts of punishment. While generally friendly, Mermen are ultimately Alien and often very distracted. They do not care about what happens to the surface world, as a general rule, and it shows.
  • Merpeople have gills and webbed limbs giving them a base Swim Speed of 30' and Water Breathing
  • Darkvision up to 60'
  • +1 Racial Bonus on Saving Throws vs Water Spells and Effects
  • Merpeople can speak the language of any of the higher order Aquatic Mammals, ie Whales, Dolphins, and their ilk.
  • Water Manipulation - Once per day a Merperson can cause up to 5 Gallons of water to move up to 60'. They often use this power to shower themselves off, when they can't go for a real swim. 3 times per day they can take a small handful of water and reshape it as they see fit. They can only reshape about 6 cubic inches of water in this fashion. The water will retain its shape, but will not become rigid or otherwise capable of causing damage.
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