Those who wander too near the Rift may be warped by its fell energies. Most of those who have been altered by Chaos are Pirates or Sailors whose ships dared to cut across the Inner Sea, exposing themselves to great waves of Rift Energy.

Far more disturbing are those who were born Mutants. Women in the villages most Riftward can be exposed to too much of the Rift energies during their nine months of pregnancy and give birth to children warped by Chaos.

To make a mutant, you choose a base race and then pick from the list of mutations. If you are directly exposed to Rift Energies, the DM will ask you to make Fortitude Save to resist them, DC based on exposure. If you fail, you roll on the list below to determine how Chaos alters you.


  • Fair or not, Mutants are seen as unnatural and untrustworthy. Like Gol-Men they get a -2 on any social roll that relies on Trust or Camaraderie.
  • Mutants have already been touched by Chaos, and cannot be further mutated by mere exposure to Rift Energy. Furthermore, they are resistant to Chaotic Energies of any form, and have Damage Resistance (Chaos 5).
  • No matter their alignment, Mutants are creatures born of Chaos and count as Chaotic Outsiders for any spell that specifically targets that type of creature.
  • Law vulnerability. Mutants never receive a Saving Throw against Law based spells of effects.


Horrific Visage - Your face if mutated completely outside of the norm for your race. You are a monster, pure and simple.

  • You gain a +4 bonus on any social roll to Intimidate, terrify, or otherwise coerce someone.
  • You may take a Standard Action to make a Gaze Fear Effect at anyone within 30'. The Will Save DC is 11 + Your Charisma.
  • You double the normal social roll penalty for mutants to -4. You are able to be effected by your own Gaze Attack if within 30' of a mirror.

Corrupting Touch - So inundated by the energies of Chaos, you warp everything you touch. Dark Energies and chaotic noises constantly swirl about you, marking you as the most feared of mutants.

  • You deal 1 point of Chaos Damage on all melee attacks.
  • On a Natural 20 or Natural 1 the Chaos energies flare beyond your control. Instead of the normal damage dealt, you deal 1d6 Chaos Damage to both your target and yourself. This bypasses your normal Chaos damage reduction. You are also dazed for 1 round from the strain.

Demonic Vision - Your eyes and mind have been touched by the Chaos. You see beyond the mortal realm, seeing things that mortals were not meant to fathom. You eyes will swirl with unnatural colors, often glowing in the dark with the colors of the Rift.

  • You may use Detect Magic at will.
  • You never receive a Will Saving Throw vs Illusions. A life of seeing things that aren't there have inured you against any form of Disbelief.

Chitinous Skin - Chaos has gifted you with the skin of a great insect. As you have aged, your skin has grown rigid, possibly even molting several times over your life. You skin is a great protection against damage, but slows you down considerably.

  • You have an Innate Damage Reduction 1/- like a Barbarian. This stacks with normal Barbarian DR.
  • You have a permanent -2 to your Dexterity Score.

Tentacled - One of your normal arms has mutated to a tentacle, like those found on a giant Squid or other grotesque monster.

  • Your arm cannot be used to hold a weapon or fight with it. It can grip objects normally, and use them with some small precision, but is not precise enough to attack with. You get a -4 penalty on any Skill that requires extreme manual dexterity, such as Disable Device.
  • All attacks with your tentacle are considered attack with a weapon. It deals base 1d6 Damage for Medium Creatures, 1d4 Damage for Small.
  • Any successful Attack with your tentacle will allow you to immediately start a Grappel. Furthermore, you get a +2 bonus on any Grapple Checks.
  • You cannot wear Armor on your Tentacle and still have it move. As such, all Armor provides 1 less point of Armor bonus then usual. IE: Full Plate provides +7 instead of the normal +8.

Bestial Legs - Your legs have been warped to resemble those of an animal. Maybe like a satyr, a great cat, or some insect, your legs bend the wrong way.

  • You can leap exceptionally long distances. You can jump up to 20' without needing to make a Jump Check. Distances are added on to that as normal for a jump.
  • You can use this Leap to make charge attacks over rough terrain or over the heads of your enemies. If you are within 20' of a target, you can making a leaping charge over any medium creatures or low obstacles in the way. Please note, you need at least 10' of clearance over these obstacles to leap through.
  • Your legs are very narrow and awkward. You are at -4 on any Balance Check or Saving Throw to remain on your feet.
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