Paladins generally serve either Gaol or the God-King Astranos. These are the Paladins that we normally think of. They are Champions of Justice and upholders of their God's Law. In the case of Gaol, they tend to be a little more rigid, and less friendly. The Paladins of Astranos are armor clad saints, earnestly questing to make the world a better place.

Some rare few Paladins follow a different path. They are the Followers of Pelare, his Granite Knights. These Paladins are fanatically loyal to Pelare, and seek to vanquish his enemies in particular. All Paladins of Pelare take the Law route and are Justicars as described below. They still must maintain all of their normal restrictions, though their personality will be much more geared towards Pure Law then good.

Special Rules

In this world, Chaos has become more of a threat then Evil in many cases. While Zbraxian has been corrupted away from Pure Chaos, many of the spawn of the rift are not so tainted.

In order to fight this new threat, Paladins may choose to emphasize the battle against Chaos, instead of the battle against Evil. These Paladins are often refereed to as Justicars.


  • Smite Evil changes to Smite Chaos. Same rules, just a different alignment needed.
  • Detect Evil changes to Detect Chaos. Again, same rules.
  • All spells that are specifically Holy shift to their Lawful versions. IE: Circle of Protection(Evil) becomes Circle of Protection(Chaos)
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