Weapon Lock

Weapon Lock

Weapon Lock is a special ability that takes the place of a normal attack.

Weapon Locking with someone forces you to shove against each other, weapon to weapon, in an effort to get enough room to swing. While a weapon is locked, it can only be used to attack your opponent in the weapon lock. You cannot use the locked weapon to make attacks, threaen areas, or make attacks of opportunities.

Initiating Lock: In order to start a weapon lock, you must first advance into your opponents square. This provokes an attack of opportunity. You then roll a Disarm check against your opponent. Basically, you roll your Normal to-hit against their normal to-hit to see who comes out ahead. If he defeats you, Weapon Lock is not established. If you defeat him, you successfully establish a Weapon Lock.

Breaking Free: Either combatant must make a successful Weapon Lock check against his opponent if he wants to break out of the lock. When this happens, the combatants separate into the positions they had just before the lock was established. Attempting to Break Free is an Attack Action.

Giving Up: Either combat can surrender the Weapon Lock as a Standard Action. This acts just like Breaking Free, except that it provokes an attack of opportunity from the other person in the weapon lock.

Two-Weapon Fighting: If you have two weapons while in a Weapon Lock, you have more options. If you wish, you may make attacks as normal with your off-hand weapon. Alternatively, you can choose to use your off-hand weapon as part of the Weapon Lock. This Locks both of your weapons, but gives you a +4 bonus on any Weapon Lock checks you make. A player with the Shield Bash Feat may use his shield in this way.

Spell Casting: If you wish to cast as spell while in Weapon Lock you must cast on the defensive.

Attacking Into: Anyone may attack people inside of a Weapon Lock. Determine which member gets hit using percentile dice.

Feat: Improved Weapon Lock - Pre-requisite: Power Attack
You are much more adept at keeping an enemies weapon tied up in combat, giving you a +2 on all rolls to secure or maintain a weapon lock. You also do not provoke an attack of opportunity when initiating a Weapon Lock.

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